Mount Camdeboo

When you think of going to stay on a game reserve you think of staying in a tent and going on safaris to see animals. You don’t think of staying in an exquisite manor, flying in a helicopter to the top of a mountain for breakfast, or award winning food. But you can have all that and the traditional game drive experience at Mount Camdeboo Game Reserve.

“It’s the little things that fail us,” said Dave Ward, the general manager. “So we look for the little things.”

Mount Camdeboo stands out due to their unfaltering stance on catering to their guest’s every need. Their sweet pastry chef makes homemade chocolate from scratch that she leaves on guest’s pillows every night. To wind down, guests can take time out of a busy day and go deep into the wilderness to get a massage. Mount Camdeboo seems to know exactly what the guests need before they even ask. Plus, it’s obvious from the workers enthusiastic smiles that they love what they do. They wave and joke with each other while engaging in familiar conversations with the guests. Returning guests even find that the pastry chef remembers their favorite desserts, and makes greeting plates for when they first step through the door.

“Every morning I open the front door, watch the sunrise, and listen to the peace and quiet,” Ward said. “I feel one with nature.”

But the thing that really puts Mount Camdeboo above the others is their ability to give back to the fauna they share a home with. They plan on making Spekboom, a native evergreen shrub, their symbol because it uniquely converts carbon dioxide day and night. Mount Camdeboo planted 100 hectares of the small tree to help keep the air fresh and clean. Unfortunately, animals love to graze it. To combat this, Mount Camdeboo is enacting a protective initiative where every guest will plant a Spekboom tree at the end of their stay to give back to the wild providing them with an incredible time. To secure its reputation at Mount Camdeboo, a trending cocktail is gin and Spekboom.

Mount Camdeboo is also very attentive to their wildlife neighbors keeping a respectful distance when viewing the animals. They also play a helping hand in conservation with animal breeding programs and habitat protection. In the long term, they would like to expand the reserve. But for now, Mount Camdeboo Private Game Reserve prides itself on being a ‘story of love’ and an untouched experience for guests in the bush.

(photo by Harrison Gardiner)


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